I’m speaking at The Blogging Mums Club Conference

Join me at the Blogging Mums Club Conference in September If you're juggling your blog, small business, a family and maybe even a full-time job, you are probably already pretty productive! But what would life be like if you could win back a bit more time to leave work early or switch off your laptop on the weekends? Productivity for Bloggers - How to Win the Week I'm talking about exactly ... Read the Post

Project Planning Worksheet for Bloggers

Are you about to start a new project for your blog? A project might be: Writing an ebookRebranding your blogCarrying out a blog audit or a big piece of blog 'housekeeping'Doing a campaign for a blog sponsor or an affiliate promotionHosting a webinarLaunching a new productCreating a courseLaunching a podcastLaunching a membership siteor even launching a new blog! This is the first page of ... Read the Post

How My Blog Makes Money

I asked my email list if they would be interested in hearing more about the revenue streams I use on my blog and how I plan to increase my income. The general response was ‘yes please’ so here we go! I typed up the process I used to work all this out and made a workbook so you can do the same exercise on your blog. You can get the Blogger's Finance Workbook here and it will help you identify ... Read the Post