How to Turn Your 2019 Blogging Goals Into An Actual Plan

At this time of year, my inbox is full of bloggers talking about how to set goals, what their goals are for the year, how amazing it is to have goals and all that.As a project manager, I work with people who set goals all the time. There’s normally very little challenge involved in setting goals. It’s keeping them that’s the problem.We see that with New Year’s resolutions. We see it with ... Read the Post

9 Expert Bloggers Share Organisation Tips

Next year… Next year I’m going to be so organised!If you want to hit the new year with some new tips for staying on top of your blogging workload, then this is for you.I’ve asked 9 expert bloggers to share their top tips for managing their blog/business work. You’ll find ideas for tools and processes that will help you get more done and be more productive with the time you have. Majean's ... Read the Post

Find out how these 9 expert bloggers stay organised with their work. These tips and tools will help you get faster and feel more productive with your blogging.

Behind the Scenes of My 2019 Content Calendar

Do you want to see how I organise my blog content for a whole year, with a simple spreadsheet? In this video, I'll show you how I'm preparing for the coming year with my really simple spreadsheet that shows me affiliate promotions, product launches and blog content for the next 12 months.Scroll to the bottom to get a copy of the spreadsheet you can see in this video.There's a transcript of ... Read the Post