How My Blog Makes Money

I asked my email list if they would be interested in hearing more about the revenue streams I use on my blog and how I plan to increase my income. The general response was ‘yes please’ so here we go!I typed up the process I used to work all this out and made a workbook so you can do the same exercise on your blog. You can get the Blogger's Finance Workbook here and it will help you identify ... Read the Post

How Hotlink Protection Broke My Site

Hotlink protection sounds awesome. It stops people linking to your assets without permission and it blocks them from slowing your server down by making unnecessary calls on it.I thought it sounded great, something every sensible blogger should have. One of those settings techie people knew about but that I hadn't come across yet.At least, that's what I thought before I switched it on. ... Read the Post

How to Use Dropbox To Organise Your Files

How long do you spend looking for information on your laptop?I sometimes work on my PC, and sometimes on my laptop. And sometimes, I need to call up files on my iPad when I'm out and about. I don't tend to use my iPad for 'real' work but I do occasionally look up my content spreadsheet and check what I'm supposed to be working on, or to grab a link to a post that I need to share.Before ... Read the Post