PMO Conference 2021

I’ll be speaking at the PMO Conference 2021 in London at The Mermaid, organised by The House of PMO.

Come along for a day of presentations about the work of the PMO. I’ll be talking in the morning about stakeholder engamification: a practical guide to getting people onside.

As PMO leaders, it’s more important than ever to make sure we engage our communities. From bringing senior leaders onboard for the mission, to keeping project managers engaged with the day to day requirements of the PMO.

Gamification gets people to take action through the techniques and mechanics of games. This presentation will look at the major difference between management and engagement (although we won’t dwell on this point), and provide practical tips for “doing” engagement and encouraging participation through game mechanics.

We’ll look at the 5 principles of using engagement + gamification to encourage participation and make it easy and fun for people to want to work with us in the PMO.

Find out more and book at The House of PMO website here: