My books will help you manage your projects and work more effectively.

Each of my books draws from current research, my own experience leading projects and programs as a senior manager in large corporates, and case studies drawn from the project management community.

I’ve enjoyed writing each and every one, and I hope you’ll enjoy and learn from them too.

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Engaging Stakeholders on projects

Engaging Stakeholders on Projects: How to Harness People Power

Published by APM, 2020.

Engaging stakeholders on projects provides an in-depth examination of the topic covered in the APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition. It gives project professionals detailed tips, tools and practical steps to help improve ways of working and shows how harnessing the power of people is key to improving project success.

This book seeks to address central questions such as:

  • What does engagement look like?
  • What tools have I got available?
  • How do I best reach, engage and work with stakeholders?
  • How do I minimise conflict and resistance to change and move toward resolution?

Engaging stakeholders is written for project delivery professionals. Whether you work at project, programme or portfolio level, you’ll have stakeholders involved in your activities. This book addresses the challenges you face when dealing with project-driven change in organisations.

Available via APM’s website (members get a discount) or Amazon.

Project Manager

Published by BCS, 2018.

Part of the BCS Guides to IT Roles series.

This book is a highly accessible guide to being a project manager (PM), particularly a project manager working within an IT field. The role is set out with reference to required skills, essential competencies and responsibilities.

Tools, methods and techniques for project managers are covered, including Agile approaches; risk, issue and change management processes; best practices for managing stakeholders and financial management.

Career progression opportunities for project managers are also discussed. Case studies are included throughout and tips and useful resources are included at the end of every chapter.

Available via the BCS website or Amazon.

Customer-Centric Project Management

Customer-Centric Project Management

Published by Gower (now Routledge), 2012.

Part of the Advances in Project Management series.

There has been a sea-change in the focus of organizations – whether private or public – away from a traditional product- or service-centricity towards customer-centricity and projects are just as much a part of that change. Projects must deliver value; projects must involve stakeholders, and Elizabeth Harrin and Phil Peplow demonstrate convincingly that stakeholders are the ones who get to decide what ’value’ actually means.

Customer-Centric Project Management is a short guide explaining what customer-centricity means in terms of how you work and its importance for project performance; using tools and processes to guide customer-centric thinking will help you see the results of engagement and demonstrate how things can improve, even on difficult projects.

The text provides a straightforward implementation guide to moving your own business to a customer-centric way of working, using a model called Exceed and provides some guidance for ensuring that customer-centricity is sustainable and supported in the organization. This is a practical, rigorous and well-researched text.

It draws on established models and uses the example of project implementation in a healthcare environment to demonstrate the impact of this significant way of thinking about value.

Available via the Routledge website and Amazon.

Collaboration Tools for Project Managers: How to Choose, Get Started and Collaborate with Technology

Published by PMI, 2016.

This is the updated and revised edition of my previous book, Social Media for Project Managers.

In Collaboration Tools for Project Managers, Elizabeth Harrin provides the latest information, success stories, and an easy-to-follow guide to implementing online collaboration tools and helping to overcome obstacles.

In order to communicate faster, work virtually with people across the globe, and get better business results, project teams should explore how online collaboration tools can deliver project success and improve business value.

Available via Amazon and other book sellers.

Communicating Change book cover

Communicating Change: How to Talk About Project Change

Published by Bookboon, 2017.

Find out how to communicate about organizational and project change. Learn how to use communications to minimize resistance to change, leading to higher project success rates and happier employees.

This practical book addresses the issues leaders face when dealing with project-driven change. It answers the questions:

  • Why do I need to tell people about organizational change?
  • What tools can I use to communicate?
  • And how do I actually do it?

Packed with tips and techniques, it will help you draw up a project change communications strategy and execute it effectively.

Available as an ebook on the Bookboon website.

Shortcuts to Success: Project Management in the Real World (2nd Ed)

Published by BCS, 2013.

Shortlisted for the CMI Management Book of the Year awards.

Anything from an office move to the Olympic Games can be termed a project, and 97 per cent of successful projects are led by an experienced project manager.

Presenting over 250 years of professional project management experience in a highly accessible format, this entertaining yet practical book will help project managers get up to speed quickly with good practice, avoid pitfalls and deliver business value.

Available from Amazon and the BCS website.

Also available as individual short ebooks covering a specific section: