Learn how to organise your blog content

My son is learning at school about how brains work in the context of developing a growth mindset. It’s been interesting for me too, because sometimes I end up with negative thoughts, especially when I’m learning something new.

“Can I really do all this? It’s so much work.”

“Why are there so many moving pieces? I must be doing it wrong.”

“Maybe this is too much for me to take on right now.”

Can you relate?

But I have news for our brains: they aren’t always right. Don’t let your brain trick you into thinking you can’t do this… because you can.

You can sort out that digital filing. You can organise all those photos and pins. You can start a record of your guest posts so you don’t pitch the same blog twice with the same topic (not that I have ever done that *cough*).

Here’s the good news: For students in my course How to Organise Your Blog Content, I’m here with you. Learn from what I’ve done and my time as a project manager. I was paid for 20+ years to organise other people and stuff, and I can massively shortcut your learning. Promise ?

So… are you ready?

How to Organise Your Blog Content in 7 Steps

As bloggers, podcasters, membership site owners, video creators, most of us know how overwhelming it can be to juggle all the different bits of content we create.

  • How many images are stuck on your phone right now?
  • How many blog articles are on your desktop instead of neatly filed so you can easily remember to edit them this time next year?
  • How many hours did you waste last week looking for files?

Have you ever wished someone could give you the secret to organising all the things you create?

Me too ?

I’ve got good news for you. I can share my secrets.

I’ve been blogging for over 14 years, run three blogs and one of those has over 1,130 posts.

I’ve totally revamped my course on blog asset organisation. Over 1,200 people have enrolled in How to Organise Your Blog Content

i’ll teach you how to do all this and give you the templates to speed it up

What students say

The results have been life-changing for some students… or blog-changing, at least! Here’s one email I got:

I just completed your course “How to Organise Your Blog Content” and wanted to email to say thank you!  I am a new-ish blogger and I’ve been starting to feel like I’m drowning trying to keep track of everything.  (Where did I save that photo?  When was the last time I backed up my blog?)  I love the idea of a monthly checklist.  And your folder structure – brilliant!  That is the most practical and helpful piece of blogging advice I have gotten for a while.

Stacy, USA

And here’s another:

You saved me from a s&^%show just in time. I am still GREATLY benefiting from your course on organizing blog content. I totally trust you and love your content.

Diana L

This course is perfect for you if:

? You want to run an affiliate promotion and you know you’ve done something similar before… but you can’t find the emails you used last time.

? You don’t know what seasonal content you’ve got and the holiday is fast approaching… somewhere you have videos, images and blog articles to promote again, if only you could lay your hands on them.

? You want to turn a guest post into the script for a video, but you can’t remember if you saved it under their website name, your contact’s name, or some archive folder from last year, or maybe even created a long-lost Google doc for them.

Somehow, the more content you create, the more confusing it gets. Where is your stuff?

I get it. So go ahead and complain. Get all that frustration out of your system right now.

There’s just one thing I need you to promise me you WON’T do…

Don’t make the mistake that 99% of people in your situation end up making. I see it over and over again – they create content direct into WordPress and don’t keep copies outside. Then you know where all the words are, right?

But that’s the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

The day you accidentally delete your site, or get hacked (and yes, both of those have happened to me)… you lose everything.

Don’t be that person crying over your keyboard. Those were not good days.

That’s why I put together How to Organise Your Blog Content.

It’s a course that gives you a repeatable process, complete with done-for-you templates, so you’ll never waste time looking for files again.

But better than that, it gives you back control over your blog content. That video? You’ll know if you’ve shared it to Facebook and which posts you embedded it in, so you can schedule it out again when the time comes.

You don’t need to keep fighting the same frustrations and problems. Venting is great. It’s healthy. But you know what’s even better?

Taking action.

So go here right now to get all the details you need about it.