I’m speaking at The Blogging Mums Club Conference

If you’re juggling your blog, small business, a family and maybe even a full-time job, you are probably already pretty productive! But what would life be like if you could win back a bit more time to leave work early or switch off your laptop on the weekends?

Productivity for Bloggers – How to Win the Week

I’m talking about exactly this in my presentation at the Blogging Mums Club Conference.

I am a mum and a blogger, but I don’t think of myself as a ‘blogging mum’. I certainly don’t blog about parenting. Having looked at all the speakers and their talks, I think the event will be suitable for any sort of blogger.

In my first talk, I’ll share techniques for managing your own time effectively, prioritising work and making smart choices to help you start (and end) the week hitting your goals.

If you attend my talk, you’ll also be in with a chance of winning a copy of How to Organise Your Blog Content, my main training programme that will quickly show you how to take control of all the images, videos, blog posts and other assets you have created for your blog.

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How I Make My Blog Pay (And How You Can Too)

Lots of people talk about how you CAN make money from blogging, but what does it actually look like to do so?

In my second talk, I’ll share a behind the scenes view of how my main blog makes money, what income streams I have and the things I’ve tried to increase my income over the past year.

We’ll talk about what you can learn from this, and how you can test similar things for your own blog.

Ultimately, my goal with this talk is to give you some practical tips for increasing your income so you can profit more from the work you do.

When is the conference?

The Blogging Mums Conference is 23-30 September 2019.

It’s an online event that you can join from your computer.

Will I see you there?

Register for the blog conference for free.

Join me at the Blogging Mums Conference, 23-30 September 2019. Register here: https://the-blogging-mums-club-conference.heysummit.com/?ac=Ysk4MD04 #ad #blog #conference