Blog Development Report: July 2018

As I’m building this blog, I’m also reporting on what I’m doing to improve it. I hope this gives you ideas for how to slowly improve the mechanics of your own small business blog. I include some takeaways below so you can see how the lessons I have learned apply to your own business. Last month I set these targets: My blog development goals for next month are to: Promote the Business ... Read the Post

Books to Improve Your Content Marketing

It’s the summer: do you need something to read by the pool or on the beach? In my experience, small business owners find it very difficult to switch off, so why not make the most of your flight or “down time” (such as it is – I know how busy you are!) and read something that will improve your business blog. Here are two great books I have read recently that I think you will ... Read the Post Voice Recording Software Review is voice recording software with a generous free plan. It’s designed as a note-taking app with extras: it records your meetings or voice notes and allows you to search and share the results. The output from Otter is more than the text of what you have said. It presents the transcription with highlighted key phrases that let you jump to the relevant part of the text. It will also ... Read the Post