Free 2019 Blog Content Planner

Are you ready to start planning for 2019? I am! I've put together my trusted year-long blog content planner spreadsheet so I can start preparing my content, promotions, themes and more for next year. And I've done a version for you too! I should tell you that this is a workhorse of a spreadsheet. It's designed to show you a year at a glance. If you like pretty pretty printables ... Read the Post

Get a 2019 free blog content planner. This simple spreadsheet will help you organise your blog content for the year.

13 Types of Infographic For Your Blog

We all know that infographics can be a great way to bring extra eyeballs to our blogs. But how do you go about making one? Well, it starts with good data and a great idea. It also helps to have an idea of the different types of content that look good when displayed as an infographic. This infographic from Visme about infographics (how very meta) shares 13 different types of infographic. ... Read the Post

How to Work Out Your Best Time to Write Blog Posts

  I used to be able to write late into the night. I was definitely a night owl – not the kind of person who would stay up until 3am, but I could make it to midnight (sometimes half past) and write, forgetting the time. That was before I had children. I think the children are the reason I can no longer work until late into the evening. It’s the broken sleep, the 5am starts. And it’s ... Read the Post

Learn how to find the best time for you to be writing blog posts. Watch out - it may change over time!