At PMI UK: Panel Event on the Future of Project Management

Panellists sitting on the stage
Photo credit: Matt Tucker

What does the future hold for the project management profession?

That’s the question we asked as I joined a panel event hosted by PMI UK at PwC’s offices near London Bridge on 26 October 2022.

We talked about:

  • Is the nature of projects changing?
  • What are the emerging skills required of change makers to be successful?
  • Do our ‘ways of working’ need to change?
  • Is the adoption of technology having an impact?

And the conclusions were interesting! There was also a lot of useful information shared by the audience which made it a really interactive and engaging evening.

My fellow panellists were:

  • Colin D. Ellis
  • Peter Taylor
  • Jessica Parthezius

and the panel chair was Ciaran Smith, President and Chair of the Board of Directors for PMI UK. Shola Alli, PMI UK Board member, did the intros.

There’s a brief write up of the major points that dropped out of the discussion on the Agile Project Delivery website.