How I launched my course

I worked with the team over at recently to put together an interview on how I launched my Managing Multiple Projects course.

I work with early and mid-career project professionals, and people who have to manage projects as part of their day job. Sometimes they have the title of project manager, but many people are in other types of jobs. These days, so many roles include an element of having to lead projects. Often with no specific training in how to do that.

The course I created helps people juggle all the projects and still leave the office on time (let’s be honest – most of the time, because some days staying late just has to happen).

I felt the market was full of project management certification classes and the beginners course (and yes, I have a beginners class too). But for a professional who is leading multiple projects, it all seemed too basic, too clean. An online course that I could teach live and then put evergreen meant I could load up my experience, offer something useful, different, and new, and then have an asset I could build on in the future.

Read the whole interview.