How to Use Dropbox To Organise Your Files

How long do you spend looking for information on your laptop?I sometimes work on my PC, and sometimes on my laptop. And sometimes, I need to call up files on my iPad when I'm out and about. I don't tend to use my iPad for 'real' work but I do occasionally look up my content spreadsheet and check what I'm supposed to be working on, or to grab a link to a post that I need to share.Before ... Read the Post

How to Craft The Perfect Guest Post Pitch

Having a guest post published on another site, earning you a valuable link and a percentage of the traffic is the winning goal for anyone in link building. However, this is only the tip of an iceberg. To even get a chance to contribute to any particular blog, you’ll have to start a communication with the site owner or the editorAnd just like in real life, so much of what will guarantee success ... Read the Post

5 Ways to Get More Done

I confess to being obsessed with productivity and organisation at the moment. As my children are getting older, I find it takes more and more organisation to keep on top of our household routines. Plus I need to be super organised for work as well, as I choose not to stay late to get things done: all work must be completed within a normal working day.So I consider myself a bit of an expert ... Read the Post