Engaging stakeholders at Multiverse

I spoke to the Multees again on 3 October. It was lovely to be back with a new crop of Multiverse apprentices from different fields.

I presented on stakeholder management (and engagement), and we got lots of questions and engagement from the audience.

This was a 75-minute session delivered in the afternoon, so it was just before the apprentices left for the day: we finished at 5.15pm and it was great they were able to stay focused for the session at that time!

I don’t often share feedback from my corporate presentations, but here is the feedback I got from the event host after the event.

Number of apprentices: 90

Event Experience score: 4.76/5 (average is 4.61) 

Additional Comments: 

  • I’m a BA and this is the level of stakeholder engagement I would like to see more from project managers. Brilliant talk and I’ll take away some some suggestions to improve engagement
  • Good session, was interesting for me as an outsider as I had no knowledge in stakeholder management. Was a good taster into the subject.
  • Really interesting subject and has made me want to research more about the role of people in business transformation. I do a lot of work and lead workshops on stakeholder engagement so the content was a little less relevant to me but very clearly delivered!
  • Concise, interesting and full of value (no waffle) – great
  • I felt like we would have benefitted more if bad examples were used. Showing what could go wrong. Elizabeth’s one story about the mail room was perfect. Everyone on the chat seemed to have very efficient businesses because they were all admitting to communicating with stakeholders all the time. Maybe it was true, but I felt like no one was admitting to not working 100% efficiently with stakeholders which I felt would encourage a more beneficial session.
  • Really great presenter! The workshop was clear and I liked the use of real life examples too. I would definitely attend any other workshops by Elizabeth.