Are You Out of Blog Content Ideas?

Recently I signed up for the ConvertKit Product Creation Masterclass. I had high hopes for it, and I think it was good, but I got seriously overwhelmed and couldn't keep up with the lessons. It was too long for me: 20 lessons was just too much to stay on top of, which meant I got very little out of it personally. From reading the subject lines, a lot of the topics were covered in the EBA ... Read the Post

Get Your 2018 Blog Content Calendar

Ready to start planning for 2018? I am! I've put together my trusted year-long planner spreadsheet so I can start preparing my content, promotions, themes and more for next year. And I've done a version for you too! This is not a pretty printable. It's a workhorse of a spreadsheet. It's designed to show you a year at a glance. You can use it for: Planning an overview of your blogging ... Read the Post