Behind the Scenes of My 2019 Content Calendar

Do you want to see how I organise my blog content for a whole year, with a simple spreadsheet? In this video, I'll show you how I'm preparing for the coming year with my really simple spreadsheet that shows me affiliate promotions, product launches and blog content for the next 12 months.Scroll to the bottom to get a copy of the spreadsheet you can see in this video.There's a transcript of ... Read the Post

How to Blog Consistently

I was delighted to record a podcast with Amanda Ross from Brand in a Snap recently. We talked about tips for updating old content, how to blog consistently and more advice for staying on top of your To Do list. It was a fun chat to record and I felt like I have met a kindred spirit for making lists and staying organised!Listen to a sneak preview from the podcast in the video below, or click ... Read the Post

Listen to Amanda Ross and I sharing tips for staying organised, blogging consistently and updating old content to help it perform better.

Free 2019 Blog Content Planner

Are you ready to start planning for 2019?I am!I've put together my trusted year-long blog content planner spreadsheet so I can start preparing my content, promotions, themes and more for next year. And I've done a version for you too!I should tell you that this is a workhorse of a spreadsheet. It's designed to show you a year at a glance.If you like pretty pretty printables ... Read the Post

Get a 2019 free blog content planner. This simple spreadsheet will help you organise your blog content for the year.