How to Work Out Your Best Time to Write Blog Posts

How to find the right time to write for you  I used to be able to write late into the night.

I was definitely a night owl – not the kind of person who would stay up until 3am, but I could make it to midnight (sometimes half past) and write, forgetting the time.

That was before I had children.

I think the children are the reason I can no longer work until late into the evening. It’s the broken sleep, the 5am starts. And it’s probably also being over 40. Since turning 40 I definitely feel that something has changed and my body clock is less aligned to evenings than it used to be.

Consequently, the best time for me to write is now in the mornings. I’m fresher. I’m not exhausted by the children and by work. I’d rather keep my evenings for cuddling on the sofa with the cat and watching Grimm, or any other US procedural crime drama.

Best Time = Productivity

You can be more productive if you tap into your best time to write. Productivity is the key to feeling more organised!

If you struggle to find time to do your tasks, your tasks will always overwhelm you. One of the key strategies for feeling more organised is to get on and do some work. And if you can find a time in the day when you can get into a state of flow and just work, then that’s got to be good.

How To Find The Best Time for You

I can’t tell you when is the best time for you. You’ll have to try to work it out for yourself, but frankly – it won’t be difficult.

Are you an early bird? Or do you prefer to get to tasks only after a couple of cups of coffee?

Can you burn the midnight oil and still feel that your brain is fresh and working? Or do you struggle to put sentences together after 8pm?

You’ll know what works best for you.

Early Birds and Night Owls are not the Only Options

We often think of people as early birds or night owls as if there is no in-between. Of course there is an in-between option. If working during school hours is best for you, or working in afternoons, then do that. Many of us work longer than our ‘best’ hours because we have to. The construct of working 9am till 5pm is a social invention, not aligned to your best hours of productivity.

One of the best things about working for yourself and using blogging to support your family is that you get to choose your hours. It’s fantastic if your best, most productive work hours fit with the times that your family can facilitate you working – like school hours, or after the kids are in bed – but if you have to work during hours that you wouldn’t consider your best, just do what you can.

Find a way to work, and the hours that work, that best suit you, and go with them as much as you can.

In the video below, I talk about finding your most productive time and using it as a way to stay organised as a blogger.

The Best Time For You Changes

As I said, I can’t tell you the best time for you – only you know that. But you can listen to your body and try to work it out for yourself.

Be aware that the best time for you right now may not be the time that worked best for you a few years ago. Don’t assume that because your friends at college always knew you as someone who stayed up late, that’s “who you are”. Your preferences change as your personal situation changes (and you get older) – unfortunately I am seeing this first-hand at the moment.

Preferences are just that – preferences. I know that when the children are staying away from home, I can work later into the evenings and I don’t have the same mental blocks as I do when I try to work after being in a busy house all day.

So be alert to the fact that your preferences and needs may change over time, and switch up your work routine to accommodate that.

Finding your best time to write is only half the problem! You need to have something to write about. Download my cheat sheet of blog topics to give you enough ideas for a month. These are particularly designed for people who have a business, but you can adapt them for all kinds of blogs.

Now you have no excuse. Go write!

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Learn how to find the best time for you to be writing blog posts. Watch out - it may change over time!