Content Planning for 2020

One of the things I have been doing is switching out my blog content planner from Excel to Airtable. It’s amazing (and free).

If you want to see how I’m planning my 2020 blog content, join my webinar and I’ll show you behind the scenes of’s content tracker for next year. We’re regularly hitting 90k page views per month now, which is great for Mediavine ad revenue!

Even if you have no intention of using Airtable, I’ll be talking about promotion planning, choosing content to refresh and other things that might help you think through the best approach for your own blog content plans.

If you’re wondering what that means for my How to Organise Your Blog Content course, which focuses on using spreadsheets for tracking, I will be updating that in 2020 to include an option for Airtable instead, as I’m totally convinced it’s a better and easier way. If you already have that course, you’ll get the updates for free when they’re available (of course).

Watch the replay of the webinar below.

Blog Content Planning

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