How to Choose a Tablet for Blogging

Blogging is one of those marketing tasks that can end up at the bottom of your To Do list. You know you need to keep creating regular content to support your business website, but unless you have a dedicated content creation team, or you outsource creating blog content, then it can be hard to find the time.

There are a lot of tech-focused options to help you keep up to date with your targets for blogging. These can really help when you have moments throughout the day — times when you wouldn’t have the ability to pick up a big task, but you could check in with blog comments and social media traffic.

You have your smart phone; that’s a necessity to keep in touch via email and it’s handy for things like social media postings or snapping behind-the-scenes type photos. But your tech needs don’t stop at a phone; in addition to a computer (whether it’s a desktop or a laptop), a tablet probably is essential for many of you.

The Tablet I Use for Blogging

I use an iPad, and my laptop also has tablet mode for when I need something bigger. I do some blog work on my iPad, mainly writing, editing, catching up on social media (but not posting much) and video creation. I have a Bluetooth keyboard for the times when I need to do a lot of typing. And having learned from previous, unfortunate, experience, I have a screen protector on it. However, iPads aren’t the only option.

Picking a tablet can be tricky. There are more and more of them on the market, and unless you have a lot of time to spend on research, getting to know all the ins and outs (and the pros and cons) can be hard.

Whatever the choice, however, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of a tablet. Some offer functions much like a desktop or laptop, giving you the ability to work on documents and display presentations, but they’re more difficult to carry around and use on public transport.

What else goes into your decision? This infographic explains some other points to consider before choosing a tablet for you.

Choosing a Tablet for Business Blogging

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How to Choose a Tablet

How to choose a tablet for blogging

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