Blog Development Report: March 2018

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You might be familiar with blog income reports. I’m taking a slightly different route for reporting progress on my blog and sharing with you the development and improvement steps I am taking each month.

You can read the start of my journey here.  The development of this blog is being inspired by the various courses I have taken, and mainly focusing on the growth I am seeing as a result of Blogger U.

I’m a copywriter with a focus on content marketing. I help businesses build their blogs through targeted, converting content. For years I have been working behind the scenes, consulting with clients and helping improve their traffic, reputation and conversions. Now I’m building a blog from scratch to show you how you can put similar techniques into play for your own business.

Getting the Basics Right

This month I worked through the prerequisite information from the Blogger U course. This covered productivity, focus and writing techniques, which, to be honest, are not things I feel I have a lot of issues with.

Having said that, as I get older it is harder to focus in the evenings, after a 5am start, work and parenting. By the time the kids are in bed, I’m tired too, so my ability to focus is less now than it was in my 20s. Gone are the days that I would work until midnight on my blog, and then get up and do a full work day in my day job too.

Still, I wanted to go through the material properly.

Creating My Avatar

I have done Elite Blog Academy (another great course), and part of that course is defining your avatar.

I never did that part.

I mean, I have an idea of my avatar over at I do have someone in mind, but more often than not I write what I would like to read, and that’s how my blog really started.

I didn’t do it because it feels stupid to work out what an imaginary person might have for breakfast, or what kind of books they read. The kinds of questions I feel that I’ve heard before around creating your avatar feel woefully irrelevant for my business audience.

However, I am committed to Blogger U and doing the work. This month I decided to do what Pete recommended and actually do the avatar thing. I did find it helpful, and I liked how it was presented. In other words, I appreciate the fact he laid it all out in a way that meant I was done with avatar-ing in 30 minutes and still felt I had achieved something.

Avatar? Check.

Let’s move on.

Following Along With the Course

I’ll be honest, I found it hard this month.

I got to one of the lessons with a call to action that said ‘comment below’ and a dozen people had commented before me. I felt like I was late to the party, and I know that I’m going through the course slowly.

I don’t have a lot of time to blog, and I want to dedicate enough time to doing the course properly.

In addition to working through the course modules, this month there was an elective focusing on traffic. This was run in the course Slack workspace. I had good intentions, but I couldn’t keep up. I started to worry about whether I should be doing the modules in the course or spending time on the elective. In the end I dropped the elective work and decided I needed to get the basics right and it was going to be more helpful for me to focus on the lectures and the coursework at this point.

Installing Plugins

This month I installed WP Total Cache and Smush in an effort to speed up load times.

Fingers crossed they do the job! It’s a balance between adding images for pinning and visual interest and keeping load times low.

Getting Ready for SEO

I’ll be honest, there aren’t that many blog articles here at the moment, so it might seem a little strange to be already thinking about SEO.

However, I know it’s not too early.

Wherever you are in your business blogging journey, it is not too early to be thinking about search engine optimisation and getting your great content found.

This month I installed and set up the Yoast plugin. I highly recommend the free version. It’s plenty adequate for most of your SEO needs, especially if you are only just starting out blogging about your business.

I also checked my permalinks to make sure they didn’t have dates in – they didn’t. Check yours!

Next Month’s Targets

My blog development goals for next month are to:

  • Adequately define my categories
  • Set up effective menus
  • Do more of the Blogger U syllabus
  • Update my theme
  • Set up Pinterest
  • Sort out everything I need to do for GDPR.

I think that’s enough to be going on with! I’d love to hear what you have planned to build your business blog over the next month. Leave me a comment and let me know.

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