9 Expert Bloggers Share Organisation Tips

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Next year… Next year I’m going to be so organised!

If you want to hit the new year with some new tips for staying on top of your blogging workload, then this is for you.

I’ve asked 9 expert bloggers to share their top tips for managing their blog/business work. You’ll find ideas for tools and processes that will help you get more done and be more productive with the time you have. Majean’s tip is genius!

Rich from PF GeeksRich from PF Geeks

My number one tip before picking any planner or tool would be to boil down your long-term goals into daily processes that will get you there. Worry less about the outcome and focus on the daily and weekly to-do’s that you have control over. Once you’re able to focus on the things that matter most, any decent tool or planner will help you stack on track! I use Wunderlist because it’s free, and I can break it out by project, create sub-lists, and assign tasks if needed.

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Jen OJen O

1)  Asana. Three different lists. One for post ideas, one with logistics and research (i.e. courses to complete, peers’ blogs to catch up on), and the last list is for posts in the works. This last list one has several subtasks (write, edit, create images, check to see if cell phone version, publish, market).

2) Excel for keeping track of when I market. It’s basic and probably could use help. But social media channels across the top, post titles going down and I enter the date when posted to that social media site.

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Ellen McLean

I have Wunderlist but it isn’t robust enough for me for blogging items, so I use One Note. I like it because it has sticky post it type of organizing so I can move things around all the time. It’s really easy and robust.

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Olivia, Birds of a FIREOlivia from Birds of a FIRE

Wunderlist is free to use and organize your to do list in. Google sheets is also a great alternative.

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Victoria from Lylia RoseVictoria from Lylia Rose

Subfolders in my email inbox. One for completed work and one for work in progress. Things that need my attention stay in my inbox until completed. Paid work is highlighted with a red flag so I know it takes priority.

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Majean G

Edit pictures a bunch at a time so you have a catalogue to choose from when you need.

Find Majean online at lifestsyle blog MajeanG.

BestiesJessica & Raynita from BestieTalks

I keep a specific folder of apps on my phone and laptop that are only for my blog. Helps me keep everything I need in one place.


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Gemma, Yorkshire MumGemma from Yorkshire Mum of 4

Getting ahead and forward planning are my best steps. Scheduling and don’t be afraid to use tools.

Find UK parent blogger, Gemma, online at Yorkshire Mum of 4.

Ali from The Local Bakehouse

Local BakehouseHave a specific day and time for your blog posts and stick to them – no matter what! If you end up writing a post at midnight, so be it. Consistency is key.

Find Ali online at gluten-free bakery The Local Bakehouse.

Elizabeth from Totally Organised Blogging

Finally, I couldn’t help but add my own tip to the list. Using checklists can take out some of the busy work of blogging, and free up your mind for other things.

Use a tool like Process Street to set up checklists and workflows for tasks you do over and over again, like preparing a blog post for publishing, promoting content, making a video and so on. All of these repetitive tasks have many steps — and you have to hold them all in your head unless you have a list to do the remembering for you.

Checklists improve your standardisation and help you get more done, more efficiently. Give it a try!

Blog organisation tips from experts

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