Archives for October 2018

How to Blog Consistently

I was delighted to record a podcast with Amanda Ross from Brand in a Snap recently. We talked about tips for updating old content, how to blog consistently and more advice for staying on top of your To Do list. It was a fun chat to record and I felt like I have met a kindred spirit for making lists and staying organised! Listen to a sneak preview from the podcast in the video below, or click ... Read the Post

Listen to Amanda Ross and I sharing tips for staying organised, blogging consistently and updating old content to help it perform better.

Free 2019 Blog Content Planner

Are you ready to start planning for 2019? I am! I've put together my trusted year-long blog content planner spreadsheet so I can start preparing my content, promotions, themes and more for next year. And I've done a version for you too! I should tell you that this is a workhorse of a spreadsheet. It's designed to show you a year at a glance. If you like pretty pretty printables ... Read the Post

Get a 2019 free blog content planner. This simple spreadsheet will help you organise your blog content for the year.