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Blogger U Review

Blogger U is set of courses and a supportive community, brought together by blogger and Founder, Pete McPherson. I signed up to Blogger U in 2017. Since then, I’ve been constantly surprised at the helpful knowledge shared by Pete, his interview guests and the community in Slack. And yes, I am an affiliate. I like the courses and I like what Blogger U stands for, so I’m happy to get behind the ... Read the Post

Blog Development Report: June 2018

You may have seen my previous blog development reports (for example, here and here). I am personally don’t get a lot out of blogging income reports. What I do think is interesting is how people are tweaking their blogs over time to drive traffic and improve the user experience. Through these blog development reports, I’m recording my own progress at improving this fledgling blog. My goals ... Read the Post

How to Choose a Tablet for Blogging

Blogging is one of those marketing tasks that can end up at the bottom of your To Do list. You know you need to keep creating regular content to support your business website, but unless you have a dedicated content creation team, or you outsource creating blog content, then it can be hard to find the time. There are a lot of tech-focused options to help you keep up to date with your targets ... Read the Post

Interview with Blogger U Founder, Pete McPherson [Video]

If you are looking to improve the way you blog, then you have probably looked into some of the big blogging courses that are available. Or you might be spending a lot of your precious time trying to glean best practice from what experts write online. You might already know that I’m a big fan of Pete McPherson and his Do You Even Blog podcasts. His latest venture is an online course educational ... Read the Post